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Our Philosophy 

We are objective-oriented.

We plan every event strategically to maximize the return of your expenses.

We pride ourselves on creating collaborative memory for all participants

with exceptional enjoyable experience,

and of course, a hassle-free journey for our clients

If you want to make your event a big success with the least effort devoted,

Contact us now!

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 - event concept & program development

 - event theme development

 - event contents development

 - event budget plan & control

 - event kick-off gimmick

 - event game mechanisms

 - event rundown

 - event floor plan

 - venue site visit

 - venue F&B coordination

 - venue coordination

 - venue design & production

 - event decoration design & production
 - event logo design

 - event invitation design

 - event booklet design

 - event audio-visual production

 - event gobo & lighting design & engineering

 - MC & Celebrity booking
 - event performance sourcing
 - event performance briefing & rehearsal

 - event photography & videography

 - event security
 - event logistic arrangement
 - event vendor sourcing
 - event vendor briefing & rehearsal

 - event schedule planning

 - regular progress update
 - on-site professional event managers

 - on-site workflow & time management

 - transportation

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FIRST employee engagement agency in Hong Kong

Rosy Sky.FIRST Employee Engagement Agency in Hong Kong
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