Unleashing Human Potential
through Extraordinary Motivational Experience
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Incentive Trip  is

a motivational tool to foster productivity,

a modern management tool to accomplish uncommon business goals.

Incentive Travel is the award, the reward.

It generates employee engagement:

- 87.5% feel they are appreciated;

- 80% increase their loyalty toward the company

- 78% increase their sense of belonging

- 75% elevate their trust in the company

*SITE INDEX Research*

Spending US$1 on incentive travel, could result in average

US$12.5 increased revenue & US$3.8 increased profits.

To achieve the same effect as incentive travel,

an employee base compensation would need to be increased by 8.5%.

*SITE INDEX Research*


In Rosy Sky, we create the WOW factor

by delivering an unique and memorable experience

that defines a meaningful, motivational and long-lasting reward.

If you want to make your incentive program a real success,

contact us now!

+852 3421-0320

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We deliver personal touch on top of travel agency group tour booking services, engage ourselves as your internal staff, nursing the trip from A-Z., from idea to Instagram.


We offer:


  • Program Development

  • Program Management

  • Destination and Venue
    Selection, Negotiation and Communication

  • Travel and Hospitality Plan
    (from airport pickups to departure)

  • Delegate Management:
    Pre-trip Invitation, Registration and Coordination

  • Pre-Trip Promotion & Communications

  • Pre-Trip Visit

  • Conference / Gala Dinner Planning and Management

  • Conference / Gala Dinner Design and Production: Entertainment, Presentations, Audio, Visual, Lighting, Branded Brochure, Signage, Backdrops, Displays, Delegate Tags, Lanyards or Name Plates, Giveaways and Souvenirs

  • Travel and Event Logistics

  • On-site logistical, personnel, event and technical supports

  • Pre-Trip visit

  • Budget Management

  • Assessment and Evaluation

*We offer our services as a whole but can also consult certain aspects only.

We keep on enhancing our expertise:

  • We have 4 colleagues qualified as Certified Incentive Specialist (CIS) via attending international training and successfully passed all assessments.
    *Only 6 CIS in Hong Kong as of 10 Mar 2019*

  • We are a member of SITE - Society of Incentive Travel Excellence, the association dedicated exclusively to the global incentive travel industry with members across the entire supply chain all round the world.
    *NEW members could only join with existing members' credentials and recommendations*

What can we do for you?
Tell us your needs, questions or ideas, we love to talk with you and know more about your project and problems. We pride ourselves on creating collaborative memory and lasting connections with exceptional enjoyable experience and impressions, and of course, a hassle-free partnership for our clients.
We are delighted to show you how  to make your event a big success with the least effort devoted, engaging your employees to drive your business.
Rosy Sky.FIRST Employee Engagement Agency in Hong Kong
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