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Understand what real connection looks like to employees now

Engagement is an outcome of a positive employee experience. 

Rosy Sky has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to serve all our clientele. Whether you are looking for any staff events or communication plans, our expert team members will offer you their full attention and guidance so that you can make the most out of our services. Let us take the pressure off your shoulder. Simply contact one of our experts today.




Attract, engage and retain the best possible talent – people who are critical to your organization’s growth and success – through effective employee communication.

Induction Program

  • Employee onboarding

  • Linkedin management

  • Gamification at Work


Internal Communications Audits

  • Measure full spectrum of Employees’ Experience (EX) at work

  • Dig out current pain points to enhance strategic planning on employee-related initiatives to enhance the engagement level

  • Examine opinion & preference of employees


Formulate Communication Content

  • Boost Interest in existing Channels

  • Create Talking Points and Enhance Sharing Willingness

  • Embrace Vision Mission Value

  • Deliver Clear Purpose to Employees

  • Implement fresh, customized and innovative solutions that fit just right for you

  • Internal Branding Campaigns

  • Senior leader meetings (design, facilitate)

  • Deliver both strategic counsel and hands-on support


Communication toolkits and resources

  • Clear and compelling messaging to articulate the vision and strategy

  • Company-wide messaging to showcase the future

  • Compelling Presentations

  • Engaging tools to facilitate group discussions and leader communications

  • FAQs

  • HR programs (design, execute)


Rollout materials to meet the needs of the field

  • Corporate Video, Training Video, Animated Video

  • Infographics, Presentations

  • Company Brochure, eBooks

  • Visual Identity, Storytelling, Authentic Stories

  • Translated Materials

  • Powerful visuals to communicate fundamental vision and values

  • Intranet and external websites, Intranet Pages and Content


Platform Selection, Configuration and Design

  • Message Platform

  • Implementation

  • User Testing

  • Governance and Process Development

A Year-Round Reference Initiative type:

  • Employee Onboarding & Induction Program

  • Gamification at Work

  • Embrace Vision Mission Value

  • Formulate Communication Content

  • Boost Interest in existing Channels

  • Sustainability, ESG, CSR initiatives

  • Physical and Mental Wellbeing

  • Festive & Thematic Campaigns

  • Employee Experience Index Assessment

  • Executive and leadership communication

  • Toolkits and Playbooks


Apart from the big rocks, do not forget the pebbles and sands on daily work; we also support our long-term clients to keep their employees connected even under WFH situation, some internal engagement initiatives we executed as an extended team for our client:

  • Office Opening / Office Tour

  • Office Visit by Management

  • Lunch & Learn

  • Sports Challenge

  • Workshops

  • Festive Party

  • Father's Day / Mother's Day / Kids Day

  • Easter Celebration

  • Dragon Boat Festival

  • Mid-Autumn Festival

  • Halloween Party

  • Christmas Party

  • Contest & Competition

  • Souvenirs & Vouchers

  • Premium Production

  • Birthday Gifts send to Colleagues
    *door-to-door delivery

Orange Healthy Juice

Time for Planning! Life is meant to be celebrated; let’s do just that! Save the Below Calendar and make the day for your colleagues!

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