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Experience Excellence: Immerse Your Team in Premium Incentive Trips for Unrivaled Success!

Incentive Trip  is

a motivational tool to foster productivity,

a modern management tool to accomplish uncommon business goals.

Incentive Travel is the award, the reward.

It generates employee engagement:

- 87.5% feel they are appreciated;

- 80% increase their loyalty toward the company

- 78% increase their sense of belonging

- 75% elevate their trust in the company

*SITE INDEX Research*

Spending US$1 on incentive travel, could result in average

US$12.5 increased revenue & US$3.8 increased profits.

To achieve the same effect as incentive travel,

an employee base compensation would need to be increased by 8.5%.

*SITE INDEX Research*


In Rosy Sky, we create the WOW factor

by delivering an unique and memorable experience

that defines a meaningful, motivational and long-lasting reward.

If you want to make your incentive program a real success,

contact us now!

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We keep on enhancing our expertise:

  • Our colleagues are qualified as Certified Incentive Specialist (CIS) via attending international training and successfully passed all assessments.

  • We are a member of SITEglobal - Society of Incentive Travel Excellence, the association dedicated exclusively to the global incentive travel industry with members across the entire supply chain all round the world.
    *NEW members could only join with existing members' credentials and recommendations*

  We offer:

  • Program Development

  • Program Management

  • Destination and Venue
    Selection, Negotiation and Communication

  • Travel and Hospitality Plan
    (from airport pickups to departure)

  • Delegate Management:
    Pre-trip Invitation, Registration and Coordination

  • Pre-Trip Promotion & Communications

  • Pre-Trip Visit

  • Conference / Gala Dinner Planning and Management

  • Conference / Gala Dinner Design and Production:
    Entertainment, Presentations, Audio, Visual, Lighting, Branded Brochure, Signage, Backdrops, Displays, Delegate Tags, Lanyards or Name Plates, Giveaways and Souvenirs

  • Travel and Event Logistics

  • On-site logistical, personnel, event and technical supports

  • Pre-Trip visit

  • Budget Management

  • Assessment and Evaluation

    *We offer our services as a whole but can also consult certain aspects only.

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