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Why Is Team Building & Training Important?


  1. Companies that invest in L&D have a 24% higher profit margin.

  2. Learning and training at a workplace are important to 87% of millennials.

  3. 68% of workers consider training and development opportunities an organization’s most important policy.

  4. Employee retention rate grows by 30–50% at companies with a potent training program.

  5. 70% of surveyed workers would be tempted to leave their current workplace for a company that invests in employee development.

  6. 94% of employees would stick with an organization longer if it invested in its L&D.

  7. 74% of workers consider a lack of development programs as the reason they’re not unlocking their full potential.

We’re very flexible with all logistics outcomes, if you can’t find something that works for you, simply get in touch.

Red Wall & Stairs

Training (executive, manager, employee)

  • Experiential Training

  • Change Communications Workshop

  • Culture Transformation Workshop


Team Building

  • Strengthen Employees Bonding


Executive and leadership communication

  • Leadership Vision & Alignment Workshop

  • Interactive senior leader meeting and workshops 

  • Executive Messages


Transformation and Culture Change

  • Feedback Processes

  • Translating the vision and strategy into action across the organization


Toolkits and Playbooks

  • Leader & Manager Communication

  • HR and Total Rewards Communication

  • Visual Storytelling


We focus on empowering people by providing the experience to gain inspiration and reach their goals with our uniquely experiential, practical, and straightforward approach.

Team Building & Training

Pink Liquid

See some of our Key Trainings



Course Content:

  • Leave an everlasting impression through self-intro

  • Audience Analysis

  • Classic story structure

  • Data expression

Expected Learning outcomes:

  • Acquire tips to boost confidence instantly

  • Classic structure of a story to everlasting impression

  • Express data in a meaningful way


TEDx Presentation for career success

Course Content:

  • Audience Analysis

  • Confidence building & Body Language

  • Positive Language

  • Difficult Concept made easy


Expected Learning outcomes:

  • Make an evaluation/review with colleague positively

  • Express difficult concept in a easy way to let others understand

  • Make use of body language and present with confident



Course Content:

  • Opening & Ending Technique

  • Analogy
    (Making difficult concepts simple)

  • Formation of one-liner
    (how to form a slogan tag line)


Expected Learning outcomes:

  • Acquire the speaking technique TED

  • Advance your body language and vocal variety

  • Communicate a message that sticks forever


Angel Investor Pitching through Stories

Course Content:

  • How to be well-prepared for pitching

  • What is an angel investor looking for

  • Unforgettable self intro

  • Classic storytelling template for memory hook


Expected Learning outcomes:

  • Be well-prepared for pitching contest

  • Utilize storytelling technique to leave an everlasting impression

  • Identify the audiences and deliver corresponding messages

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